Sir Richards Control Twin Turbo Masturbator

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Retain control with this masturbator! This masturbator is specially designed for lovers of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sir Richards Control Twin Turbo Masturbator"

Retain control with this masturbator! This masturbator is specially designed for lovers of solo-sex who wish to experience the sensation of penetration. The Twin Turbo Masturbator contains 2 motors and 10 vibration settings. The motors are operated using the two buttons on the side. It also comes equipped with a heating mode. The silky-soft material ensures amazing stimulation which allows vibrations and heating waves to penetrate through.

Press and hold the buttons to switch the motors on. Both motors are operated separately and can be set by pressing each button. Press and hold the required button to switch the masturbator off. The upper button switches the heating element on (and off again.) Switch easily between the different vibration settings of each motor using the arrow buttons. The masturbator is chargeable via a USB cable and is easy to clean using toy cleaner and lukewarm water.

Material: ABS, silicone
Weight: 337 grams
Vibration strength: Vibration variations
Operation: push button
Vibration: Adjustable vibration / multispeed
Number of stages: 10
Waterproof: Yes
Without plasticizer: Yes
Elastic: Yes
Color: Black
Suitable for: Men / Penis
Warranty: Yes
Type of warranty: Good Warranty Service
Suitable lubricants: water-based
Stimulation: Penis stimulation
Power: charging cable (USB)
Device volume: Normal
Charging time: 60 min
Length of charging cable: 90 cm
Internal structure: ripples, pimples
Length: 15.50 cm
Internal length: 9.00 cm
Minimum diameter: 3.00 cm
Maximum diameter: 8.00 cm


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