Back Girl Onahole - Virgin Killer Sweater

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Do you think thick, knitted sweaters can’t be sexy? Think again! The Back Girl Onahole by Magic... mehr
Produktinformationen "Back Girl Onahole - Virgin Killer Sweater"

Do you think thick, knitted sweaters can’t be sexy? Think again! The Back Girl Onahole by Magic Eyes features a girl wearing a very special sweater.

Virgin Killer Sweater
This incredibly sexy sweater is cut to reveal the girl’s back and side, showing the side of her breasts, her smooth waist and the top of her ass. Underneath she is wearing nothing but a pair of sexy black stockings!

Hitting it from behind
The onahole itself is shaped like a girl bending over to offer herself to you, with her round ass up in the air. At first it may look like this onahole has two tunnels, but the topmost tunnel (the anus) is small and narrow, made to fit a bullet vibrator (not included). Having these vibrations so close to the main tunnel feels great!
The tunnel itself is simple but effective: It starts with a narrow but flexible opening which will wrap around your member and form a seal to prevent lubricant from leaking out. What follows is a series of narrow ridges, then a smoother area with a bump at the bottom. This bump will glide over the underside of your cock. Some larger ridges follow, and the last part of the Back Girl is filled with soft round nubs which will gently stimulate you from all sides.

Detailed labia
The Back Girl has an incredibly well-developed detailed vulva. Many onaholes have a very basic shape, which is barely more than a slit. Some others have the outer labia showing. Very few, however, are as detailed as the Back Girl: Inner labia, outer labia and even the clitoral hood have been recreated in detail, and it looks great! And it isn’t just aesthetics either; Feeling the labia slide over your shaft and caress it absolutely adds to the realism.

Lifelike material
This onahole is made out of one of MagicEyes’ blends of TPE and is made specifically to feel like soft skin to the touch. The material is soft enough to feel realistic and gentle, but also firm enough to deliver the stimulation you want. Magic Eyes made the Back Girl to last: the single-layer construction means this onahole won’t damage easily.

Totale lengte: 14.5 cm
Lengte tunnel: 12.5 cm
Gewicht: 330 gram
Material: TPE
Made by Toy’s Heart

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